Request for Fundraising for Clean and Safe Drinking Water            Projects

January 2020


In 2018 and 2019 no new clean and safe drinking water projects with the help of a water purifier could be realized because of lack of funds.

Management of Tusaidiane Uganda is looking for sponsors for clean and safe drinking water projects to the tune of UGX 200 million or € 50.000 and for stocking at least 4 purifiers (€ 10.000).

  1. The importance of clean and safe drinking water in Uganda

Clean and safe drinking water is a permanent concern for many. Is clean and safe drinking water a permanent concern for you?

In Uganda, it is a permanent challenge, especially for children. Even the availability of water (without using the word “clean”) in schools, hospitals and health centres is not self-evident.

Often long distances must be covered to collect water with jerrycans. This water mostly is of suspect quality and is certainly not clean for schools with thousands of pupils and health facilities with many hundreds of patients. Large parts of Uganda are blessed with sufficient and relatively regular rainfall. However, all that water is just running away from the iron sheeted roofs to nowhere. What a pity!

Not the whole year around there is sufficient rainwater. In such situation, the people living in the village must supplement water from streams, wells, pools and swamps. Mostly also cows and goats are drinking there and are doing there some other hygienic functions.

Such water must be purified from bacteria and viruses before it is drinkable. Technical solutions can do the job. However, they are even more expensive than rainwater harvesting and therefore out of reach for the local community.



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