Our main support is in scholarship funds, organization and general management, account keeping, solar provisions and construction.

Tusaidiane Uganda is managing two Scholarship Funds for the FRALIBI community in Mannya/Rakai District on request of St Francis-Rakai-Initiative Marburg (SFRIM).

The Victors scholarship fund in Kirugu Buikwe came to an end in 2019.

Tusaidiane Uganda is also managing the Scholarship Fund for Mama and Me Association. Mama and Me is  a Day Care centre in Walukuba, Masese, Jinja.

Several individuals from abroad are supporting pupils or students in Uganda. Tusaidiane Uganda is acting as the intermediate for administration and fee payments.

The Book  fund supports annually some needy schools with scholastic materials.

The social enterprising approach concerns FRALIBI CDA and St. Francis Little Birds in Mannya/Rakai District. After the implementation of a safe drinking water project in St. Francis Little Birds at the end of 2013, local leadership asked Tusaidiane  Uganda to help them to organize them. The first result was the foundation of St. Francis Little Birds Community Development Association (FRALIBI CDA) in August 2014.

FRALIBI Management had a dream of empowering the FRALIBI community economically and socially, so that in 5 years’ time every family or Foster Parent can pay school fees and to contribute to a Scholarship Fund for advanced education for graduates of St. Francis Little Birds Nursery & Primary School. The ambition was to create by 2020 a self-sustainable FRALIBI community without support of donors. By 2020, FRALIBI community had greatly improved but the dream has not yet been achieved.

Developments and ambitions for 2021:

  • Manage Scholarship Funds as per expectations of sponsors and be open for cooperation with individuals abroad in view of sponsoring of apprentices.
  • Help 5 needy schools with scholastic materials, if funds are available.
  •  Help Kamuli Childcare continue with the construction of their school as per School Development Plan.
  • Continue supporting Mama and Me Day Care Centre.

Let's help each other!