Major intervention for income generation is the supply of microcredit to women groups and other communities for creating income based on a proper business plan.

Beneficiaries can increase their capital through savings by group members.

Tusaidiane Uganda was initially custodian of  6 Microcredit Funds (MCF). In majority, they are founded by women groups. These women groups have now become independent and are no longer being supported.

Tusaidiane is guiding the groups in managing their fund. This is more than just administrative and accounting support. It concerns also training in business planning and budgeting. We train beneficiaries in making a business plan (market, requirements, prices, expected profit, etc.).

Presently, we are supporting 4 women groups on their request. The women are guided in how to manage their funds, how to account for the money in their group and how to set up an accounting system. We closely monitor the progress and if it’s positive we try to find capital (donations or loans) for their fund or we link them to donors.

There are several women groups, who are doing their level best to improve the income situation of their members by giving out small loans from savings by the members. Most of them do not have access to email, internet or official banks. They are not able to communicate with potential donor organizations abroad, not to speak about fulfilling their criteria for getting financial support. They only work with savings of their members, which is highly limiting the possibilities for giving out small loans. Tusaidiane Uganda aims at supporting such women group with training and administrative support nearly for free.

Tusaidiane Uganda would be delighted if we could help such groups with some extra capital, either as grant or as loan. Previously, we applied for and got financial support from the Melania Foundation from the Netherlands. Melania continued financial support for the women till 2017.

Also, the community-based organization FRALIBI CDA in Rakai District was running a microcredit fund with our help. This fund was part of the social enterprising approach for a community with many orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), supported by partners in Germany and the Netherlands.The women failed to manage and re-pay their loan as promised and TUL was forced to halt it and give the opportunity to a new women group.

However special attention was given to income generation by the local primary school in their vocational facilities with the aim to earn income to provide education to several OVCs. It concerns tailoring, carpentry and agriculture. These activities are still flourishing.

Apart from income generation one of the main objectives was vocational training for the pupils (see also Education ).

Developments and ambitions for 2021:

  • Revamp the Child Development and Family Empowerment Association (CHIDFEA) after the negative after effect of COVID 19 lockdown.
  • Normalization of the situation in the MCF for St. Francis Women & Widows Club (SWWC) and setting out a new way forward.
  • Additional financial support for Kyabiwa Bakyala Twezimbe Women’s Group.
  • Support (managerial and financial) for at least two more grass-root women groups.
  • Stabilization of the loan (repayment) situation for FRALIBI MCF, safeguarding at the same time the ambitions in view of the Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVCs)
  •  Stabilization of loan repayments from Akili Women group
  • Stabilization of loan repayments from Agali Awamu Women group

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