Tusaidiane is supporting schools, hospitals, health facilities and community-based organizations with investments in education, health care, clean and safe drinking water, and income generation.

Tusaidiane was founded in 2000 in the Netherlands as a private initiative with Cordaid Lenten campaign, finally resulting in the “Stichting Tusaidiane” (Tusaidiane Foundation).

On initiative of “Stichting Tusaidiane” two organizations were founded in Uganda.

2018 saw the cradle of the Tusaidiane Trust, a trust organization (a so-called “corporate body” in Uganda, registration T.37834/C.I. 956) meant to take over tasks and responsibilities of the “Stichting Tusaidiane”, who ceased to exist on 31-12-2019.

In 2008 the “Stichting Tusaidiane” initiated the establishment of a project implementation organization named “Tusaidiane Uganda Limited” (Certificate of Incorporation 97414).

Both are independent organizations, who are offering the following services to donors in the Netherlands and other European countries and to Beneficiaries in Uganda.

The accent for the Tusaidiane Trust is on service delivery to donors, whereas the accent for Tusaidiane Uganda (TUL) is on the implementation of projects for Ugandan clients.

Regularly the Tusaidiane Trust is hiring TUL for the implementation of donor-funded Trust projects, whereby the Trust remains ultimate responsible for quality and accountability.

Service delivery to donor partners abroad

  • Consultancy on organization development and planning for the local partner.
  • Evaluation (assessment) of the organization and/or the project of the Beneficiary.
  • Financial services / trustee for transfer of funds from the donor to the Beneficiary.
  • Consultancy regarding project implementation (who is doing it and how is it done?).
  • Final responsibility for quality and accountability of the project implementation.

Service delivery to Beneficiaries in Uganda

  • Organization development and planning.
  • Training in bookkeeping, information technology (word and excel), project planning and reporting.
  • Consultancy concerning project management (planning, execution, and reporting).
  • Project implementation or assistance in project implementation on request of the Beneficiary and/or donor (school- and community development, drinking water, book fund, educational materials, school fee funds, care for disabled, school construction, microcredit especially for women, solar energy).
  • Financial expertise and financial reporting.

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