1. Assist selected schools or educational institutes with comprehensive guidance and support to develop the School Development Plan with substantive annual implementation Action Plans.
  2. Manage the so-called “Book Fund” , a fund for helping annually several village schools with scholastic and IT materials (textbooks, vocabularies, charts, playing equipment, computers, and printers) as far as donor funds are availed.
  3. Run administratively on request school fee funds for specific schools and manage administratively school fees for Ugandan Beneficiaries sponsored by individual Benefactors.
  4. Support and guide schools which are asking for assistance with their development projects.
School Development

Comprehensive guidance and support implies organizational development, training, construction, safe drinking water, school fees, scholastics, accounts, IT support, project planning and reporting. During covid-19 food support and materials for SOP’s (Standard Operational Procedures) were added.

Comprehensive support is given to St Francis Little Birds Nursery & Primary School, Kamuli Childcare Nursery & Primary School and  Mama and Me Day Care Centre in Jinja.

SEECHILD’s Bunamwaya Integrated Skills & Training Centre for disabled children is supported on request for a range of specific projects (rehabilitation, school fees, income generation; covid19 specific projects); in majority projects are funded by the Mirembe Foundation.

Scholastics and IT

This so-called “Book Fund” was founded by the Tusaidiane Foundation for providing educational materials to village schools, which often even did not have a textbook for the class teacher.
20220712 Rwoya Report

Over the years the range of materials was extended with vocabularies, maps, playing equipment, computers, and printers. The original intention of helping annually several schools with scholastics and IT equipment did not change.

School Fee support

On request of donors Tusaidiane Uganda is administratively managing several scholarship funds for specific schools.

Sometimes, individual donors are sponsoring an individual student or pupil in their studies in Uganda. Tusaidiane Uganda is acting as the intermediate for administration and fee payment.

Individual one-time School projects

Schools can approach Tusaidiane for specific assistance for school development projects. That can be water, construction of toilets, playing equipment, scholastics, or a combination of them. In most cases, applicants are lacking funds and are asking Tusaidiane to search for a donor.