Implementation of Projects by Tusaidiane Uganda Limited

Annual Reports and Action Plans for 2022, 2021 and 2020

A Social Enterprise for effective and efficient service delivery to Tusaidiane Beneficiaries in Uganda.

Tusaidiane Uganda (TUL) is operationally managed by the TUL Team

The TUL Team has the expertise to implement training and to provide advisory and implementation services for Ugandan customers and beneficiaries, either on requests of donors or partners from abroad or on request and funded by local partners.

Training & Advisory Services

  • Project/Business planning & action planning.
  • ICT skills
  • Reporting & report writing.
  • Accountability, record keeping & financial Literacy.
  • Communication, sensitisation, and mobilisation skills.
  • Advising partners in Uganda in managerial , technical, and financial matters.
  • Other managerial subjects on request.

Project Implementation Services

  • Construction (toilets/bathing rooms; school and health centre buildings; fencing; boreholes).
  • Assistance in equipping and start-up of schools and health centres.
  • Installation of solar provisions for schools, health centres and water. projects.
  • Construction and installation of rainwater harvesting tanks.
  • Installation of water purification equipment for up to 4.000 people.
  • Restructuring services for organisations in need.

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