Stichting Tusaidiane

Until January 2020, Tusaidiane Foundation in the Netherlands financially supported small scale community based projects in Africa. Funds were raised by schools, service clubs and private people in the Netherlands. The Tusaidiane Foundation has been liquidated and no longer exists. The work of the Foundation has been taken over by the Mirembe Foundation in the Netherlands and the Tusaidiane Trust in Uganda.


Cordaid was a long-time partner of Tusaidiane. Cordaid hosted Tusaidiane in the Netherlands right from the start in 2000. Also after the establishment of the Foundation in 2007 Cordaid continued to support the Tusaidiane projects. Up to 2014, Cordaid was one of the main donors for clean and safe drinking water projects of Tusaidiane. From 2016 onwards, Cordaid did not support anymore private initiatives.

Cordaid (Catholic Organisation for Relief & Development Aid) is one of the largest development organizations in the Netherlands and has a network of 890 partner organizations in 28 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. More information on:


Pentair is a global specialist in high quality, sustainable water filtration solutions, such as the LineGuard. Pentair  is delivering the LineGuard to Tusaidiane for a reduced price for use by Ugandan beneficiaries.

Service clubs

Rotary, Lions and  Lodges Clubs have contributed over the years to the projects of Tusaidiane. A Rotary club in the Netherlands has been the initiator of the use of water purifiers. Several Rotary clubs have financed a number of rainwater harvesting and water purification projects. Tusaidiane Uganda is promoting partnerships between Rotary  Clubs in Uganda and in the Netherlands.


Many  corporations have a social responsibility program. Tusaidiane Uganda is soliciting for financial support from corporations , both in Uganda and abroad.

Not for Profit Organizations.

This Group of Benefactors, so far mainly from the Netherlands, is very instrumental for the funding of projects of Tusaidiane Uganda. Among them: Wilde Ganzen, Melania, Mirembe and CONGRAVA

Private People

The loyalty of a large number of private persons since 2000 has highly contributed to the success of Tusaidiane.

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