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General news about Tusaidiane


After a period of 7months lockdown on schools, the President of Uganda re-opened schools for all student finalists across the country on the 15th October 2020 with special guidelines and standard operating procedures that had to be fulfilled and checked by the Ministry before receiving a special certificate to warrant re-opening. The new Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for schools include, every school forming a Coronavirus taskforce, daily and timely screening of temperatures of learners, compulsory wearing of face masks by both learners and teachers. The Ministry also wants the creation of isolations rooms at every school, daily disinfection of classroom floors, walls, furniture, toilets using soap and water, restricted access to schools and screening done at school gates. They have set up other SOPs like creation of adequate spaces at schools to accommodate recommended distance, single beds for one student, and keeping 2 meters between beds among others.

However, the SOPs have attracted negative reactions from the Heads of Schools across the Country who pointed out the fact that implementation will be hard or close to impossible because of the failure of government to provide money. One of the key concerns is the continuous hand washing that requires constant supply of water which is lacking in most rural areas. This led to the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and the head teachers of St. Francis Little Birds and Kamuli Child Care to apply for funding for buying the requirements from their sponsors and both requests were granted.

SFLBNP and Kamuli Child Care, Rakai bought among other items;  temperature guns, jerry cans for handwashing, sanitiser, soap and the advantage is that flowing water is readily available at the schools. Primary seven students can now happily study at both schools without being worried about catching the virus. The students were also sensitized about being vigilant to use the new facilities. The parents and administration of SFLBNP and Kamuli Child Care are grateful to TUL and their sponsors in Marburg and The Netherlands for funding their schools to buy all the necessary requirements for school re-opening and enable their children to study safely at school.

20201018 Report on re-opening St Francis and Kamuli Childcare


With profound sadness, Tusaidiane Uganda  announces  the death of two of our major friends and donors from the Netherlands.

  1. Mr. Sibren Geert Hovenkamp, born 1  April 1932 and died on the 3rd September 2020. Mr. Sibren will be remembered for his remarkable contribution towards the Tusaidiane water projects in Uganda.  He was a committed partner of TUL for four years. We convey our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends. 
  2. Sister Maria Theodosia. (Cornelia Everdina Visser), member of the Franciscan sisters of the congregation “Alles voor Allen” in Breda, NL. She was born on the 27 January 1927 and died on the 15 September 2020. She worked at Rubya hospital in Tanzania from 1964 to 2002 as a nurse “…providing care and transferring knowledge and skills to the people of Africa…” Being a member of the sisters of Breda, Sr. Theodosia will be remembered for her tireless and remarkable efforts towards Rubya hospital and for her contribution towards the Rubya Hospital Solar project. TUL is offering the Project Management for this hospital solar project and two others in Uganda on request of the sisters. Our condolences go to the Congregation of “Alles voor Allen” in Breda, Netherlands. May her soul rest in eternal peace. 

Farewell thee our dear friends…till we meet again!


TUL annual Report 2019, action plan 2020 AND Strategy 2020

Greetings from Tusaidiane Uganda and welcome to the second half of the year!.  We would like to thank all our partners for your contribution towards the projects of TUL. So far, 2020 has been a year of different experiences. With the corona virus disease and lock-down crisis, most businesses have been affected, failing to achieve the set targets.  A different world where we have to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) such as regular hand-washing, wearing a mask and social distancing awaits us in order to stay safe and healthy. Best wishes to all our partners as they try to embrace the new normal and fight this global pandemic.

From Tusaidiane, we are still committed to better service delivery and strengthening of our partnerships. Featured in the picture above  is the new buildings of the Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary School.

Please find attached the  TUL Annual report 2019 and Action Plan 2020 plus the Strategy 2020.

20200430 TUL Annual Report 2019 and Action Plan 2020 20200430 TUL Strategy 2020





A successful Water Project

In 2014, Sr. Namukasa the head teacher at St. Mary Immaculate villa Maria embarked on a project to acquire a safe drinking water system from Tusaidiane Uganda for the school and also give access of this water to the community. Before then,  the students and community members in the area had a problem of lack of clean and safe drinking water leading to diseases such as typhoid and high expenses for the school for boiling drinking water for the students.

Sr.Namukasa after TUL installation of the drinking water system

It should be noted that with the TUL installation of the water purifier for the school and two taps for community access in 2015, five years down the road, Sr. Namukasa has been recognized as one of the teachers making a difference for her school and the  community by the New Vision Uganda. Her water project was one of the considered aspects. Thanks be to Tusaidiane Uganda Limited!. The school now boosts of improved overall health for the students and community at large. Sr. Namukasa has also constructed a 70000 litres water tank to ensure constant supply of water for the school and community. The school is one of the few water clients of Tusaidiane Uganda Limited that is performing well with their water project.

Tusaidiane Uganda is calling upon more schools, institutions and communities to consider installing a water purifier for safe and clean drinking water in order to reap the benefits that come with it such, such as improved health and overall community development. For a water assessment with Tusaidiane Uganda Limited, please call  the Managing Director on +256  766402 or contact us on

Congratulations Sr. Namukasa, Congratulations St. Mary Immaculate, Congratulations Tusaidiane Uganda Limited!



Victors Community Development

Victor’s Community Development is found in Nakalanga Parish, Kirugu in Buikwe District, Uganda.

Till 2006, there was no secondary education in Nakalanga Parish. A lady donated land and some villagers took the initiative to  start Victors High School in Kirugu in order to improve the conditions for primary leavers in the nearby villages who liked to continue their education in secondary school.

On the 15th of December 2008 Victors Community Development Association Ltd (VCDA) was incorporated under Certificate No. 104149with the objective to run a Not-For-Profit organization offering community services to the population of Nakalanga Parish. The range of services was not limited. At the start, the organization focused on education through Victors High School and later delivery of health services to community members through Victors Medical Centre.