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General news about Tusaidiane


Through the TUL BOOK FUND, Tusaidiane Uganda donated textbooks to Bwanda Parents and Rwoya Primary Schools in Rukungiri district in Western Uganda. The text books were picked from the TUL office in Bunga by the project coordinators of both schools (Mr. Natuhwera Vanansio and Mr Pius Tumwine) together with the Rukungiri District Woman MP, Hon. Medius Natukunda Kaharata. 

The project coordinators of both schools delivered the textbooks to the beneficiaries who were very happy to receive them. The books will help to improve learning and teaching at the schools when schools re-open after the COVID 19 lockdown on schools and beyond.

Tusaidiane Uganda would like to thank CONGRAVA and Stichting Mirembe from the Netherlands  for donating funds towards this project.

Please see an attached pictorial and narrative report of the happy teachers and students receiving the text books. 

Textbook receiving and handover by Rwoya and Bwanda Parents



On the 19th June 2021, the president of Uganda,  H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa announced that the country would go into another lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. To this effect, infections and deaths have since reduced but the consequences of this lockdown are far reaching as they continue to plague the vulnerable communities in the rural and urban areas. So many vulnerable households have to a skip meal during the day or in extreme conditions go to bed without eating.

While the government launched a Relief Fund and promised to give UGX 100.000 to all the needy people, it is now 21 days into the lockdown and this money has not yet been received by the majority of the people. This means that even with this relief package, many people will be left out of this entitlement.

TUL beneficiaries have expressed the added vulnerability faced by them, especially in ensuring nutritious meals for their children in the absence of schools because they are closed. Moreover, for many people, household income has also reduced due to the fact that they are not working. This calls for the urgent intervention for the TUL beneficiaries by Tusaidiane Uganda, The Tusaidiane Trust and other partners to support these vulnerable people and save their lives.

Tusaidiane Uganda is working and appealing to all donors and partners to help them provide relief aid to the TUL beneficiaries. 


Bulikimu kiSoBoka NGO with the support of Stichting KiSoBoka, Netherlands was able to train several unemployed youth and women in various entrepreneurial skills including; liquid soap making, candle making, petroleum jelly making and sanitizer making in the villages of Kitovu, Makenke and Sakabusolo (KIMASA) in Mafubira Sub County, Jinja, Uganda. Over 59 youth and woman benefited from these programs and can now boost of an income especially from the liquid soap and sanitizer making. These are at the moment highly demanded due to the need for people to wash hands regularly and sanitize to stay safe from the corona virus. The market for the candles and petroleum jelly is also readily available in the community.

The trainings were planned and overseen by Tusaidiane Uganda Limited on behalf of the donors. The administrators of Bulikimu KisoBoka NGO have a dream of forming marketing groups from which members can get a commission for every sale made and also learn other marketing skills.

Bulikimu KiSoBoka NGO Uganda together with the beneficiaries are grateful to their partners of KisoBoka Netherlands for the support given and to Tusaidiane Uganda for overseeing the project helping to better the lives of the people in the community of KIMASA, Mafubira Jinja.


The Sisters of Breda (CONGRAVA) through The Tusaidiane Trust and Tusaidiane Uganda donated funds to provide sufficient water and renovate the Convent of the Consolers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus-(CSHJ) Congregation. The Congregation is found in the South West of Uganda, 410 kilometres from Kampala at Rubanda, Kabale.

Tusaidiane Uganda, represented by the Managing Director, Sharifa Nabaweesi visited the convent on the 12th May 2021 to look to the progress of the water project and the construction of the Sisters Elderly Home. At the time of the visit, water harvesting was in place and four tanks were installed by the TUL Technician to provide sufficient water. All the pipes, the pump house, tank stand and electricity cables were in place and a water pump to be later installed.

The new Sister’s Elderly Home was ready to be painted, meanwhile all plumbing work on this home was already done and the floor ready for tiling.  Additionally, the Veranda at the Novitiate house was repaired.

The work was tremendous and the place looked beautiful with happier sisters who were thankful to the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters “Alles Voor Allen” in Breda, the Netherlands and Tusaidiane for both the Financial and Technical support that helped to improve their livelihood.

Please view pictorial report

20210517 Rubanda Visit Reoprt


On Thursday, 20th May 2021, the Inspection Team of Tusaidiane Uganda visited Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary School, to look to the quality of work for the kitchen and Main Hall and, additionally look to the progress of work for the construction of the girl’s and boy’s dormitories. 

The team was taken around for the inspection tour by one of the school Directors, Mrs. Josephine Kalanzi and Engineer Ibrahim Haumba. The quality of work done by the engineer is very OK and Kamuli Child Care is becoming a very beautiful school with happy and delighted community members.  The  Main Hall and Kitchen form a coherent unit which can be accessed via a ramp using a wheel chair or through steps. The Main Hall has different functions: dining hall, meeting hall and theatre stage for performances. The kitchen is spacious and well done with sufficient rain water harvesting.  Accommodated here also, is a school canteen.

The girl’s and boy’s dormitories are being  built concurrently and are progressing well. Also notably is the quality of work for the construction of the classrooms.

The school is indeed beautiful! The Management of KACHICA together with the community (parents and children) are very grateful to their partners of Tusaidiane Uganda, Tusaidiane Trust, Stichting Mirembe  and Stichting Wilde Ganzen for the generous contribution towards the development of their Community School project.

Please, see attached pictorial report.



SEECHILD is aiming to construct a (boarding) centre for the disabled (both mentally and physically) children in Mpigi with the assistance of CONGRAVA, Netherlands. Access to water and electricity through the CONGRAVA  trustee in Uganda, the Tusaidiane Trust has already been implemented. CONGRAVA (the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters” Alles Voor Allen” in Breda, the Netherlands), firstly, asked Tusaidiane to conduct a geological assessment. After this survey indicated the spot where to find water, a borehole was drilled and water was channelled to different distribution points.  Currently, the construction of the fence and the security guard’s house is on going.

In the picture above, the tank on this stand acts as the main water reservoir and distributes water to the whole compound by gravity

Below is a video showing the drilling process and a lot of clean water found at the identified spot.

Tusaidiane and SEECHILD Management like to thank the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters” Alles Voor Allen” in Breda, the Netherlands for funding these project activities.