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General news about Tusaidiane


On the 28th of January before the children returned to school a number of activities were concluded  in St Francis Little Birds-Mannya/Rakai on behalf of “St Francis-Rakai-Initiative Marburg e.V” of Germany in order to better the lives of children and the community.


Installation of purifier feture• Borehole was completed and connected to an underground 2.000 litres tank. From there the big galvanized tanks are filled with a pedal pump in times of insufficient rain.

• A water purifier was installed and the operator was trained on how to operate and maintain the purifier.Sensitization-Chairman explaining importance of clean jerrycans feature

• The community was sensitized by the Chairman LC1  about the importance of clean drinking water. A special jerry can for drinking water was introduced Signing of the agreements-2 feture

• All the activities were concluded by singing a Donation Agreement between “St Francis-Rakai -Initiave Marburg ”  and St Francis Little Birds Community. Everybody ready

• Also a service agreement  for preventive maintenance was signed between Tusaidiane Uganda Ltd and St Francis Little Birds Primary School .


Private donors through Tusaidiane Uganda bought a number of books worth 6 million for St Francis Little Birds. The students were there to receive the books and promised to guard them jealously. Hardships of not having any text book are over now.




Safe Drinking Water for St Francis Mannya

IMG_3483-tanks  IMG_3562-smal bore holelThe  galvanized rain water harvesting tanks are ready. The  bore hole still needs more depth.

The water from the borehole will be pumped into the galvanized rainwater harvesting tanks through an innovative solution.

First the water is pumped into a 2.000 liters underground plastic tank. From there it is pumped with a paddle pump into the rainwater harvesting tanks in times of IMG_3530 new-smallinsufficient rain.

So, the whole year around there will be sufficient water to be purified to safe drinking water after the Filtrix water purifier has been installed. This is planned for Tuesday, the 28th of January 2014.