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These are the beneficiaries of Tusaidiane Uganda Limited


A successful Water Project

In 2014, Sr. Namukasa the head teacher at St. Mary Immaculate villa Maria embarked on a project to acquire a safe drinking water system from Tusaidiane Uganda for the school and also give access of this water to the community. Before then,  the students and community members in the area had a problem of lack of clean and safe drinking water leading to diseases such as typhoid and high expenses for the school for boiling drinking water for the students.

Sr.Namukasa after TUL installation of the drinking water system

It should be noted that with the TUL installation of the water purifier for the school and two taps for community access in 2015, five years down the road, Sr. Namukasa has been recognized as one of the teachers making a difference for her school and the  community by the New Vision Uganda. Her water project was one of the considered aspects. Thanks be to Tusaidiane Uganda Limited!. The school now boosts of improved overall health for the students and community at large. Sr. Namukasa has also constructed a 70000 litres water tank to ensure constant supply of water for the school and community. The school is one of the few water clients of Tusaidiane Uganda Limited that is performing well with their water project.

Tusaidiane Uganda is calling upon more schools, institutions and communities to consider installing a water purifier for safe and clean drinking water in order to reap the benefits that come with it such, such as improved health and overall community development. For a water assessment with Tusaidiane Uganda Limited, please call  the Managing Director on +256  766402 or contact us on

Congratulations Sr. Namukasa, Congratulations St. Mary Immaculate, Congratulations Tusaidiane Uganda Limited!



Victors Community Development

Victor’s Community Development is found in Nakalanga Parish, Kirugu in Buikwe District, Uganda.

Till 2006, there was no secondary education in Nakalanga Parish. A lady donated land and some villagers took the initiative to  start Victors High School in Kirugu in order to improve the conditions for primary leavers in the nearby villages who liked to continue their education in secondary school.

On the 15th of December 2008 Victors Community Development Association Ltd (VCDA) was incorporated under Certificate No. 104149with the objective to run a Not-For-Profit organization offering community services to the population of Nakalanga Parish. The range of services was not limited. At the start, the organization focused on education through Victors High School and later delivery of health services to community members through Victors Medical Centre.


Kwagala’s children

Kwagala’s Children was born out of a personal story, of Milly Naggwaya, a Ugandan citizen who has been working with children in the United Kingdom for the past twenty years. Seeing the educational and health benefits children enjoy in the UK, Milly has long planned on returning home to try and establish some of the same for Ugandan children. Milly is known as ‘Kwagala’ (‘love’ in Luganda) to her UK friends; therefore our project is named ‘Kwagala’s Children.’

Kwagala’s Children is a non profit organization registered in the United Kingdom (charity number 1139095) and operational in Uganda. The mission is to support development in the country through education.

Tusaidiane Uganda supported Kwagala’s Children in the construction and operational start-up of the Medical Centre in Mubende in 2013.



Arise and shine is a registered community development organization operating in Ngoma Sub-County Nakaseke district, with a mission to improve the social economic, health and educational level of the people through community best practices and interventions.