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Tusaidiane Uganda is an independent organization offering
Advisory and Implementation Services.
It was founded in 2008 on initiative of Tusaidiane of the Netherlands.

Tusaidiane (Kiswahili for “Let’s help each other”)

Started in 2000 as a private initiative foundation in the Netherlands with the aim to financially support small scale community-based projects in Africa.

At the end of 2019 the Tusaidiane Foundation of the Netherlands concluded a cooperation agreement with their partner the Mirembe Foundation of the Netherlands

From the 1st of January 2020 the Mirembe Foundation has taken over the Portfolio of Products of the Tusaidiane Foundation.

Several sponsors of the Tusaidiane Portfolio of Products will continue their sponsorships through the Mirembe Foundation.

Tusaidiane Uganda will continue to implement the Portfolio.


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Usage of water went down tremendously after the closure of schools in March due to the pandemic. Consumption was extremely low! When the president re-opened schools for student finalists (primary seven, senior four and six students) in October, the students started again to consume the safe drinking water, and usage went up. During our final routine water service round (2020), only 37 clients who had cleared all their service dues were eligible for this water service. Five of these were however out of order and 5 have no metre. Thirty-two clients were not serviced due to non-payment. Before the pandemic, clients used 1.4 million litres of water in 6 months and this usage went down to 453.000 litres for the six months during the pandemic. We hope that in 2021 when schools are re-opened, water usage will stabilise/ rise again. Tusaidiane Uganda Limited through the intervention of the Tusaidiane Trust and donors, will give back to clients who have previously paid all their service dues promptly (37 clients), by offering them free water service for the year 2021 as a way of mitigating the negative financial effects of the Corona lock down pandemic on schools. Clients who have not paid their previous service dues are encouraged to clear their balances so as to be eligible for the free 2021 water service.

TUL would like to thank CONGRAVA and the Tusaidiane Trust for funding this water service project. We are also grateful to the water clients who duly pay their service fees and are still committed to serving you.

For the relation between Tusaidiane Uganda and the Tusaidiane Trust, see the Annual Report 2020 under “Partners in Uganda and abroad” on page 3-4…20210106 Annual report 2020 and action Plan 2021 final

TUL ANNUAL REPORT 2020, ACTION PLAN 2021 and strategy 2021

Greetings from Tusaidiane Uganda. We hope that you had wonderful Christmas holidays and welcome to the New year 2021!  We would like to thank all our partners for your contribution towards the projects of TUL. 2020 was a year of different experiences. With the COVID 19 disease and lock-down crisis, schools were closed and most businesses were affected.  A different world where we had to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) was introduced world over in order to stay safe and healthy. We pray that 2021 will be a better year and hope for a vaccine so that everything can go back to normal. We would like to wish our partners a wonderful 2021. 

From Tusaidiane, we are still committed to better service delivery and strengthening of our partnerships. Featured in the picture above is one of the buildings of the recently completed renovation and repainting of St. Francis Little Birds Nursery and Primary School, Mannya in Rakai.

Please find attached the  TUL Annual report 2020, Action Plan 2021 and strategy 2021.


In this year 2020, following the corona lockdown on schools, Tusaidiane Uganda through their Book Fund targeted 5 schools and a learning centre for the disabled. The schools were spread around the country. TUL received applications from these schools for textbooks, learning materials, music instruments and printers to help the teachers go door to door to teach their students and distribute learning materials to the children who are currently at home. Four schools have already received their text books and learning materials.

On Friday 18th 12 2020 and Monday 21st 12.2020, a team from Tusaidiane Uganda visited Support Disabled Children Ggaba (learning centre for the disabled) and Mirembe Infant School, Bulenga respectively for delivering the donations. The learning centre for the disabled received music instruments which made the children very excited with the donation. Mirembe Infant School received music instruments and textbooks and they were also grateful.

Mirembe Infant School receives their books and music instruments from a TUL representative

Both beneficiaries extend their gratitude to Tusaidiane Uganda and remark that the donations will help to improve learning for the students and wellbeing of the disabled children. Tusaidiane Uganda is grateful to their sponsors Stichting Mirembe and Congrava, Netherlands for enabling them extend a helping hand to the beneficiaries.


On the 9 November 2020, MD, Sharifa Nabaweesi together with the Chairman Board of Tusaidiane Uganda, Mr. Kees Ebskamp visited Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary School for supervision of the construction works that are going on at the school in relation to the KACHICA Action Plan 2020. The construction of the three classrooms is progressing and preparations for the playing/sports field are under way. 

The Management of KACHICA is grateful to Tusaidiane Uganda, for the tireless work done towards realising the School Development Plan 2017-2021.  They are also grateful to the donor partners of Stichting Mirembe and Wilde Geese, Netherlands for funding their Action Plan 2020.

For more details, please see attached picture report

20201112 Status Implementation KACHICA Action Plan 2020



After a period of 7months lockdown on schools, the President of Uganda re-opened schools for all student finalists across the country on the 15th October 2020 with special guidelines and standard operating procedures that had to be fulfilled and checked by the Ministry before receiving a special certificate to warrant re-opening. The new Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for schools include, every school forming a Coronavirus taskforce, daily and timely screening of temperatures of learners, compulsory wearing of face masks by both learners and teachers. The Ministry also wants the creation of isolations rooms at every school, daily disinfection of classroom floors, walls, furniture, toilets using soap and water, restricted access to schools and screening done at school gates. They have set up other SOPs like creation of adequate spaces at schools to accommodate recommended distance, single beds for one student, and keeping 2 meters between beds among others.

However, the SOPs have attracted negative reactions from the Heads of Schools across the Country who pointed out the fact that implementation will be hard or close to impossible because of the failure of government to provide money. One of the key concerns is the continuous hand washing that requires constant supply of water which is lacking in most rural areas. This led to the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and the head teachers of St. Francis Little Birds and Kamuli Child Care to apply for funding for buying the requirements from their sponsors and both requests were granted.

SFLBNP and Kamuli Child Care, Rakai bought among other items;  temperature guns, jerry cans for handwashing, sanitiser, soap and the advantage is that flowing water is readily available at the schools. Primary seven students can now happily study at both schools without being worried about catching the virus. The students were also sensitized about being vigilant to use the new facilities. The parents and administration of SFLBNP and Kamuli Child Care are grateful to TUL and their sponsors in Marburg and The Netherlands for funding their schools to buy all the necessary requirements for school re-opening and enable their children to study safely at school.

20201018 Report on re-opening St Francis and Kamuli Childcare