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In Uganda, when you find a family with a disabled person, they call it a cursed family. Because of this stigma, many adults with disabilities end up isolated at home, or in some cases, abandoned as children hence not realizing their full potential.

Some of those children have ended up at Support Disabled Children Ggaba (SDCG) , a partner organisation of Tusaidiane in Kampala that’s helping more than 40 young people with various disabilities. SDCG believes that disability is not inability.

Director Betty Nankabirwa acknowledges that skilling children with special needs helps them become useful and productive citizens in the country hence she introduced the children to Bocca balls donated by UNAPD to help them with their rehabilitation.

Bocca has since become a favourite pastime for Alvin Waswa, a 22-year-old with cerebral palsy who is a beneficiary of the organization. “He says that maybe if he can get sponsors, and they sponsor the organisation, he can also go to Olympics,” said Nankabirwa, who interpreted for him.

Still, she noted that athletes with disabilities need a lot more resources if they are going to compete seriously. That includes more sports equipment and a disability-friendly mode of transport.

With the help of external donors, Tusaidiane supports the centre by funding the therapy activities of the children. 

therapy report AND other activities AT SDCG

Tusaidiane Uganda partnered with Support Disabled Children Ggaba (SDCG) to provide therapy support to the special needs children at the Centre. The support included providing funds for buying therapy equipment and paying the salaries of the physiotherapist and speech therapist.

 As a result of the services given, the children are now healthier and happier with improved speech and movements.

SDCG would like to thank  the donors (Ms. Marijke de De Kleijnde Vrankrijker and Mr. Kees Ebskamp together with their KSV-1961 friends of Wageningen University) for their generous contribution.  They are also grateful to Tusaidiane Uganda for intervening on their behalf and coordinating the support. 

Please see a detailed report below of the different activities and the children including  the physiotherapy and speech therapy.