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Through Stitching Mama and Me, NL, Tusaidiane Uganda procured new office equipment including a printer, laptop, external storage among others for Mama and Me Day care Centre in Jinja. Previously at the Centre, dealing with administrative work was hectic with many delays and extra transport costs to travel to the city center for implementation. The old computer at the Centre was out dated and not supported by up the current computer software. They also could not print, scan or copy a document and lacked internet facilities making communication rather hard.

After the new installations, the situation has now improved. The equipment will help them with office work. The administrators are also going to help the children at home by printing for them some assignments from school which will help them to cope with the current trend of  learning other than sitting idle at home as a result of the corona lock down crisis.

Mama and Me Uganda is grateful to their partners of Stichting Mama and M, NL and Tusaidiane Uganda for their support towards the Centre. Mama and Me is working with the objective to empower young mothers for a better future socially and financially so that they can look after their children (0-5years) for the time they are with them at Centre. The mothers include stay home mothers, working mothers and baby sitters.


On the 20 March 2020, the Government of Uganda issued an order for the closure of schools following the outbreak of COVID-19. This left many school-going children befuddled, anxiously waiting for schools to re-open. Additionally, the Government, through its Ministry of Education, came up with guidelines on how to ensure that children are not redundant throughout this period. One of these was through the distribution of self-study learner materials for all school-going children in the country. Every parent was expected to make a copy for their children. However, with the tough lock down measures and lack of money by the parents, many children’s capacity to learn at home became limited because of their inability to access teaching resources like teachers and learner materials.

For a rural school like Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary school, where majority of the parents (households) derive their livelihoods from cattle keeping, most of the parents were not able to photocopy the learning materials for their children leaving these less privileged children in dire need of the learning materials.

This led to the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and the head teacher of Kamuli Child Care. The school was able to acquire a brand new photocopier as part of the school 2020 action plan funded by Stichting Mirembe and Wilden Ganzen. They are now printing learning materials for their students. The learning materials are distributed by the teachers who also guide and mark the students.

Kamuli Child Care on behalf of all the children and parents is grateful Stichting Mirembe, Wilden Ganzen and Tusaidiane Uganda for the support rendered to them during these pandemic lock-down times. Thank you for your dedication towards the children of Kamuli community.


The outbreak of the corona virus pandemic affected the entire world leading to many deaths and COVID 19 illnesses. Due to its effects and fast speed of transmission, it was declared a global emergency requiring immediate response. The first step of the responses even for Uganda was the nationwide LOCK DOWN. This lock down saved many Ugandans from illnesses but it did not save them from hunger and starvation as many of them suffered behind closed doors.

Among the victims of the corona crisis were the families of the KACHICA community of Kamuli in Rakai district. They had no food to eat among other essential needs required to stay safe from the virus. The non working teachers of Kamuli Childcare were also not doing well since they had no pay to buy food to feed their families.  The family men were no-longer providing for their families breeding domestic violence. It should be noted that Kamuli being a boarder district with Tanzania, it was highly affected by the lock down because boarder enforcement at this region was very strict to prevent importation of new cases into the country.

With the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda, Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary School and Stichting Mirembe, NL, Wilde Ganzen Foundation, from the Netherlands responded to the situation in the KACHICA community with emergency relief/ support. Tusaidiane Uganda helped to procure the relief items and one of the TUL staff drove the truck to Kamuli for the distribution exercise. Food was distributed to over 2800 families (including maize flour, beans, cooking oil, soap). The teacher’s salaries of the Kamuli Childcare Nursery and Primary school were also paid to help them support their families.

The KACHICA community was sensitized about what needs to be done to stay safe and prevent the spread of the virus by; washing hands regularly with water and soap for at least 20 seconds, wearing a facial mask when in public, keeping an appropriate social distance and visiting the hospital in case of any suspicious illness related to Covid 19. The sensitization was done door to door and via community radio. Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary School was fumigated in preparation of the toddlers’ return to school to keep it free from the virus.

A number of local development actors and well-wishers were also contacted to respond to the food relief call and people were proactive about the project. They donated matooke (local banana) which Tusaidiane Uganda used to supplement the relief items. This gesture from the local community was a sign of togetherness amidst the crisis. The family of one gentleman called John Paul, a refugee in this area did not have any hope of getting food to eat and was indeed happy making this project worthwhile. It greatly made a difference for the people and helped to save lives.

The board of Kamuli Childcare Nursery and Primary school together with the KACHICA community would like to extend their gratitude to Tusaidiane Uganda, Stichting Mirembe and Wilde Ganzen Foundation for the food relief items and support that helped to save their community from hunger and starvation.




With the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and the headteacher of St. Francis Little birds Nursery and Primary School, the  development partners of St.Francis in Marburg Germany offered funds to aid the relief efforts including food and salaries for teachers. The objective under this initiative was to prevent starvation, malnutrition, improve hygiene at family level as well as uplift the economic well-being of teachers.

On 18th of April Tusaidiane undertook the initiative to procure relief items (soap, cooking oil, beans, and maize flour). A staff member of the TUL drove and delivered the items to the taskforce in Mannya community. 

As part of the distribution exercise,the task force took time to sensitize the people on how to stay safe through guidelines given by the WHO; social distancing, frequent washing of hands and as a precautionary measure, contact the relevant health workers as soon as they suspect any case of COVID 19. The families that received support constitute of 8 to 10 members.

“I did not know how i was going to feed my family for the next few days and therefore I’m extremely grateful for your support,” said Miss Betty Nabakooza, a parent of Namuli Sylivia who explained that as a farmer, she had already sold her produce pre-Covid and therefore had no source of income during the lock-down.

The plight of many other families that received the relief items was no different, they could not implement some of the WHO guidelines simply because they lacked basic amenities like soap. In a nutshell, the relief items went a long way in ensuring that lives were saved through the generous contributions of our development partners.

Sincere gratitude and appreciation goes to the  partners of St. Francis Little Birds i.e. St Francis Rakai Initiative Marburg, Tusaidiane Uganda and Stichting Mirembe for all the support rendered to the people of Mannya community.

Sustainable and Effective Empowerment of Children with Disabilities (SEECHILD)

Skilling disarms Disabilities

With a vision of celebrating skilful and healthy people with disabilities, SEECHILD continues to empower families and children with disabilities through awareness raising, advocacy, skills training and research in Bunamwaya Central, Mutundwe Parish in Wakiso District.

The centre is growing and the children are making tremendous improvements with their personal lives and skills. They have developed good skills in sewing and crocheting, painting, self help skills for personal living, music, dance and drama among others. SEECHILD is very grateful to all her donors most especially Mirembe Foundation, Tusaidiane Uganda, Wereld Missie Hulp, Church in Action and other individual donors for helping them to facilitate SEECHILD’s projects / programs that made 2019 a year of progressive achievements and they look forward to a brighter future.

Please read the SEECHILD 2019 report for more details. file:///C:/Users/Dell/Documents/SEECHILD/Reports/20200309%20BISTC%20Report%202019.pdf

Advocacy for Safe Motherhood

Mama kits Save Lives

Tusaidiane Uganda is the Trustee of Stichting Mama and Me, Netherlands and is supporting Mama and Me Association in Jinja.
Two expectant mothers of Mama and Me Association Uganda received free mama kits and other delivery kits to help them give birth safely. The kits were donated to the mothers by Stichting Mama and Me in the Netherlands.

The birth kits and other gifts were handed over to the mothers by the Board of Mama and Me Association Uganda represented by the Chairman Samuel Kaweesa Basoga, Secretary Eunice Nakintu, Treasurer Tushabe Rachel and the Deputy Administrator of Mama and Me Day Care Centre, Naigaga Kevin.

Tushabe Rachel is also an employee of Tusaidiane Uganda Limited.

In Uganda, if women don’t bring their own medical supplies to the hospital for the delivery, the nurses may send them home or refuse to help them and there are too many complications that arise when a woman is giving birth. Uganda is still experiencing over 310 deaths per 100,000 live birth. In addition, for every woman who dies in childbirth, around 20 more suffer injury, infection or disease – approximately 10 million women each year.

Stichting Mama and Me is commended for their efforts in curbing maternal mortality in Danida Village, Walukuba, Masese in Jinja Uganda. Each mother received a set of mama kit, a new basin, mattress, baby potty, towel, sugar, washing soap, bathing soap, Vaseline, maize flour, detergent and baby clothes.

Tusaidiane Uganda and Stichting Mama and Me, Netherlands are honoured to play part in improving maternal health and encouraging expectant women to deliver safely.

About mama kit
A Mama Kit is an all-in-one kit that contains everything needed to help provide a clean and safe delivery. The Kit consists of 2 pairs of gloves to prevent bacterial infections and HIV, 2 new razor blades to cut the umbilical cord, 1 piece of soap, 2 gauze pads for cleaning the eyes of the new-born, 8 sanitary towels for the mother, 9 oz of cotton wool, 1 polyethylene sheet on which the mother gives birth and 1 Suction bulb to clean baby’s airway.