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After a period of 7months lockdown on schools, the President of Uganda re-opened schools for all student finalists across the country on the 15th October 2020 with special guidelines and standard operating procedures that had to be fulfilled and checked by the Ministry before receiving a special certificate to warrant re-opening. The new Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for schools include, every school forming a Coronavirus taskforce, daily and timely screening of temperatures of learners, compulsory wearing of face masks by both learners and teachers. The Ministry also wants the creation of isolations rooms at every school, daily disinfection of classroom floors, walls, furniture, toilets using soap and water, restricted access to schools and screening done at school gates. They have set up other SOPs like creation of adequate spaces at schools to accommodate recommended distance, single beds for one student, and keeping 2 meters between beds among others.

However, the SOPs have attracted negative reactions from the Heads of Schools across the Country who pointed out the fact that implementation will be hard or close to impossible because of the failure of government to provide money. One of the key concerns is the continuous hand washing that requires constant supply of water which is lacking in most rural areas. This led to the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and the head teachers of St. Francis Little Birds and Kamuli Child Care to apply for funding for buying the requirements from their sponsors and both requests were granted.

SFLBNP and Kamuli Child Care, Rakai bought among other items;  temperature guns, jerry cans for handwashing, sanitiser, soap and the advantage is that flowing water is readily available at the schools. Primary seven students can now happily study at both schools without being worried about catching the virus. The students were also sensitized about being vigilant to use the new facilities. The parents and administration of SFLBNP and Kamuli Child Care are grateful to TUL and their sponsors in Marburg and The Netherlands for funding their schools to buy all the necessary requirements for school re-opening and enable their children to study safely at school.

20201018 Report on re-opening St Francis and Kamuli Childcare


This year 2020, Tusaidiane Uganda Book Fund targeted 5 schools across the country including a learning centre for the disabled. TUL received applications from these schools for textbooks, learning materials, music instruments for kids with special needs and two printers for printing learning material  for going door to door to teach students and distribute  learning materials during this COVID 19 lockdown on schools. The schools are usually contributing a percentage of the money required for the project but this year they could not contribute anything because of the effects of COVID 19 on the school finances hence it was a fully funded project . The schools that benefited from this years TUL Book fund included; Kirowooza Primary School- text books, Rushongyi Primary School- text books, Kirawula Primary School- Printer, Mirembe Kindergarten- textbooks and music instruments, Support Disabled Children Ggaba- music instruments and Kalibbala Memorial- Printer.  The books were delivered by the MD, TUL Miss Sharifa Nabaweesi together with the Chair man TUL Board, Mr. Kees Ebskamp. The beneficiaries were very grateful for the donations received from Tusaidiane Uganda.

The TUL Book Fund 2020, is one of the major interventions and responses of Tusaidiane Uganda towards curbing down the negative effects of COVID 19  on schools and the education system in Uganda. Teachers can now use the text books to get information for teaching the students who are at home. Tusaidiane Uganda is grateful to donors; CONGRAVA, Netherlands and The Tusaidiane Trust, Uganda for partnering with them on this project. 


On the 20 March 2020, the Government of Uganda issued an order for the closure of schools following the outbreak of COVID-19. This left many school-going children befuddled, anxiously waiting for schools to re-open. Additionally, the Government, through its Ministry of Education, came up with guidelines on how to ensure that children are not redundant throughout this period. One of these was through the distribution of self-study learner materials for all school-going children in the country. Every parent was expected to make a copy for their children. However, with the tough lock down measures and lack of money by the parents, many children’s capacity to learn at home became limited because of their inability to access teaching resources like teachers and learner materials.

For a rural school like Kamuli Child Care Nursery and Primary school, where majority of the parents (households) derive their livelihoods from cattle keeping, most of the parents were not able to photocopy the learning materials for their children leaving these less privileged children in dire need of the learning materials.

This led to the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and the head teacher of Kamuli Child Care. The school was able to acquire a brand new photocopier as part of the school 2020 action plan funded by Stichting Mirembe and Wilden Ganzen. They are now printing learning materials for their students. The learning materials are distributed by the teachers who also guide and mark the students.

Kamuli Child Care on behalf of all the children and parents is grateful Stichting Mirembe, Wilden Ganzen and Tusaidiane Uganda for the support rendered to them during these pandemic lock-down times. Thank you for your dedication towards the children of Kamuli community.


Before Covid-19, the women of CHIDEFEA women group were doing great not anticipating anything. Little did they know that the situation could suddenly CHANGE, last long, taking away with it what they had achieved. “The corona virus pandemic inevitably resulted in many negative and long term impacts” for these women.

The women were on lock-down since March. They were not working and had nothing to feed their families. They did not anticipate that the lock-down would last long to reach an extent of utilizing their business capital to feed their families.

They also experienced floods dispersing their businesses and homes and leading  to diseases, hunger and starvation.

They were hopeless; their small businesses were gone and Micro credit funds exhausted. This led to the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and CHIDEFEA women group leaders to appeal to Stichting Mirembe for support to the women.

Stichting Mirembe agreed to offer relief support to the 45 CHIDEFEA women. So far, 23 women have been supported with food including maize flour, beans, sugar, soap, cooking oil, masks and cash money worth UGX 200.000 to support the women and their families during this crisis.

The women were overwhelmed with the support given to them by Stichting Mirembe and CHIDEFEA. They said that they had never seen a MCF women group that supports women in time of need and sorrow.  To them they were indeed one family. Most of them were seen kneeling to thank the donors for their support during this hard and difficult time.

CHIDEFEA women group would like to extend their sincere gratitude to Stichting Mirembe and Tusaidiane Uganda Limited for the financial and emotional support towards their group enabling them to give a helping hand to the women members.


The corona virus total lock-down was a very trying time for vulnerable communities in Uganda including the KIMASA communities of Jinja. This led to the intervention of Bulikimu Kisoboka NGO Jinja which distributed relief items (food) to the communities of Kitovu, Makenke and Sakabusolo (KIMASA) in Jinja. The relief funds for the food were donated by their partners of Stichting Bulikimu Kisoboka in the Netherlands.

The food distribution exercise took place from the  21st to the 22nd of June. Maize flour and beans were distributed to over 486 beneficiaries; 6 Kisoboka families got 10kgs of maize flour and 3kgs of beans each, 450 beneficiaries got 5kgs of maize flour and 1.5kgs of beans each, 30 local leaders got each 6kgs of maize flour. A such, many lives were saved from hunger and starvation.

The beneficiaries were very happy with the food donations. They expressed their gratitude to Bulikimu Kisoboka NGO Uganda and the donors for the overwhelming support received during this trying moment of COVID 19 and lock-down. Bulikimu Kisoboka NGO Jinja Uganda would like to thank their partners of Stichting Kisoboka, Netherlands for enabling them support the vulnerable communities of KIMASA with food relief items.


The corona virus pandemic took the world by storm leading to a lock down among various countries around the world. In Uganda, many people were affected by this nationwide lock down; they had no food among other pressing basic needs. Among the affected people were the pregnant and young mothers in the Danida community, Jinja who are mainly hand to mouth earners. Since the lock down, they have not been able to work and earn a living to support their families. This led to the intervention of Stichting Mama and Me, Tusaidiane Uganda and Mama and Me Jinja to secure some relief items for these needy mothers.

On the 8th of June 2020, Mama and Me Jinja started its implementation for the relief items for the mother’s project.  The deputy administrator and treasurer of Mama and Me Jinja undertook the initiative to procure the relief items including maize flour, beans, soap, mama kits, basins,cooking oil and sugar.

On the 9th  of June, the distribution of the relief items started door to door as a way of ensuring social distancing and avoiding crowds. Mothers were also sensitized on how to stay safe by regularly washing their hands, emphasizing the social distancing, wearing a mask among others by the task force. They were also educated about the corona virus poster by Stichting Mama and Me.

Regina Itero, her husband and their set of twins, MMA Chairman, Samuel Basoga and Kevin Naigaga, Deputy administrator(MMA)

The mothers were so happy to receive the relief items. Among the needy mothers was Itero Regina, aged 18years and a mother to a set of twins of 3 weeks old. She did not know how her family was going to survive because they had no food. The mothers expressed their gratitude to  Stichting Mama and Me, Mommaluv, Wilde Gazen Foundation, Tusaidiane Uganda and Mama and Me Association Jinja for extending a helping hand to them during these tough and strange times.