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Through the TUL BOOK FUND, Tusaidiane Uganda donated textbooks to Bwanda Parents and Rwoya Primary Schools in Rukungiri district in Western Uganda. The text books were picked from the TUL office in Bunga by the project coordinators of both schools (Mr. Natuhwera Vanansio and Mr Pius Tumwine) together with the Rukungiri District Woman MP, Hon. Medius Natukunda Kaharata. 

The project coordinators of both schools delivered the textbooks to the beneficiaries who were very happy to receive them. The books will help to improve learning and teaching at the schools when schools re-open after the COVID 19 lockdown on schools and beyond.

Tusaidiane Uganda would like to thank CONGRAVA and Stichting Mirembe from the Netherlands  for donating funds towards this project.

Please see an attached pictorial and narrative report of the happy teachers and students receiving the text books. 

Textbook receiving and handover by Rwoya and Bwanda Parents



In this year 2020, following the corona lockdown on schools, Tusaidiane Uganda through their Book Fund targeted 5 schools and a learning centre for the disabled. The schools were spread around the country. TUL received applications from these schools for textbooks, learning materials, music instruments and printers to help the teachers go door to door to teach their students and distribute learning materials to the children who are currently at home. Four schools have already received their text books and learning materials.

On Friday 18th 12 2020 and Monday 21st 12.2020, a team from Tusaidiane Uganda visited Support Disabled Children Ggaba (learning centre for the disabled) and Mirembe Infant School, Bulenga respectively for delivering the donations. The learning centre for the disabled received music instruments which made the children very excited with the donation. Mirembe Infant School received music instruments and textbooks and they were also grateful.

Mirembe Infant School receives their books and music instruments from a TUL representative

Both beneficiaries extend their gratitude to Tusaidiane Uganda and remark that the donations will help to improve learning for the students and wellbeing of the disabled children. Tusaidiane Uganda is grateful to their sponsors Stichting Mirembe and Congrava, Netherlands for enabling them extend a helping hand to the beneficiaries.


This year 2020, Tusaidiane Uganda Book Fund targeted 5 schools across the country including a learning centre for the disabled. TUL received applications from these schools for textbooks, learning materials, music instruments for kids with special needs and two printers for printing learning material  for going door to door to teach students and distribute  learning materials during this COVID 19 lockdown on schools. The schools are usually contributing a percentage of the money required for the project but this year they could not contribute anything because of the effects of COVID 19 on the school finances hence it was a fully funded project . The schools that benefited from this years TUL Book fund included; Kirowooza Primary School- text books, Rushongyi Primary School- text books, Kirawula Primary School- Printer, Mirembe Kindergarten- textbooks and music instruments, Support Disabled Children Ggaba- music instruments and Kalibbala Memorial- Printer.  The books were delivered by the MD, TUL Miss Sharifa Nabaweesi together with the Chair man TUL Board, Mr. Kees Ebskamp. The beneficiaries were very grateful for the donations received from Tusaidiane Uganda.

The TUL Book Fund 2020, is one of the major interventions and responses of Tusaidiane Uganda towards curbing down the negative effects of COVID 19  on schools and the education system in Uganda. Teachers can now use the text books to get information for teaching the students who are at home. Tusaidiane Uganda is grateful to donors; CONGRAVA, Netherlands and The Tusaidiane Trust, Uganda for partnering with them on this project.