About Tusaidiane

Tusaidiane Uganda Limited

(in short “TUL”) is a company with limited liability, incorporated (Certificate No. 97141) in Uganda on the 2nd of April 2008. The objects for which the company is registered are extensively described in the Memorandum of Association.

The Board of Directors is composed of Mr. Kees Ebskamp, Chairman board of Tusaidiane Uganda, Mr. Kayita Rogers, Financial Specialist, Mr. Kabayaiza Brian, Lawyer, Miss Sharifa Nabaweesi, MD Tusaidiane Uganda and Mr. Fred Kiwanuka, Member with the beneficiary environment as field of expertise.

Operational Management is in the hands of a Management Team, composed of a full-time Managing Director, a volunteer/trainer of  who is the chairman of Board of Tusaidiane Uganda, an Assistant Administrator, a Technical Manager, an Accountant, a Project Management Consultant  and a Manager General Duties.

Primary and Secondary Schools, Health Facilities, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and other local initiatives are struggling with challenges such as clean and safe drinking water, sanitation, lacking school fees, text books and other teaching aids, proper buildings, vocational training opportunities, poverty reduction by income generation, management issues, etc.

Apart from lacking financial means to address such challenges, often the capacity locally is missing to develop a proper project plan with request for funding. And if such plan and request would be available, access to possible donors is not an easy issue for the grassroots.

In addition, local organizations are often missing sufficient implementation capacity and capacity to report and to give proper accountability in order to get the trust of possible donor organizations, either in Uganda or abroad.

Tusaidiane Uganda is founded with the aim to guaranteeing continuity in service delivery of high quality and assuring adequate supervision and reporting on behalf of benefactors. Building local capacity in Uganda is an important strategy to realize this ambition.

The Board of Directors of Tusaidiane Uganda has adopted the original Tusaidiane motto of “One euro here is one euro there”. The meaning is: one euro donated -whether in Uganda or abroad- for a project is going for 100% to that project. In addition, the Board is aiming at keeping organizational costs as low as possible.

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